I create a Sustainable Body through a unique blend of Structural Integration, Zero Balancing, Biotensegrity and Fascial Fitness. The Sustainable Body will enable you to live, work, exercise, age, perform, sit, and stand without pain.

In your private session I can identify and address the areas of concern, listed below, that apply to you.

Karen Gabler
Karen GablerFounder, LMT


Chronic pain is a result of repetitive movements and postures over time, not aging or muscle tension. I address specific symptoms by treating the whole skeleton and the whole connective tissue system.  This aligns and suspends the body allowing aging to be graceful and pain free.


Working can wreak havoc on your nerves. Your nervous system relies on healthy, fluid  connective tissue for proper communication, ease of movement, and relaxation.  I treat the bones, joints, and the connective tissue as a whole to help the body relax and experience a sense of well-being while you go about your busy day.


The fascial system, not the muscle system, is responsible for chronic pain.  It is not enough to lengthen and strengthen muscles.  I treat the whole fascial system around the muscles and at the joint structures.  I then teach you how to undo the negative effects of repetitive positions by rehydrating the fascia.  As a result, your body feels better and is prepared for activity.


Sitting at a desk all day creates strain and discomfort as your own body weight compresses joints and muscles.  I help you align joints and decrease muscle strain by treating the connective tissue system.  Then I teach you how to use the connective tissue to support your body, so you can sit at a computer (or stand at a counter) without pain.


Massaging muscles and adjusting joints may not be enough to undo the negative effects of repetitive movements in running.  I treat and balance the skeletal, joint, and connective systems simultaneously then teach you Fascial Fitness, the new connective tissue training.  Using this combination of treatment allows your body to feel lighter, stronger, more buoyant and you can prevent injury.


As a dancer, your body’s support system has to manage tension and compression in a balanced yet oppositional way.  When the body’s alignment is compromised, strain, pain and injury are common.  I will help you balance the whole skeletal and connective tissue systems, then teach you how to sustain that balance of tensions in the body’s support system.  Dancing is easier and injury is prevented when the balance of tensions in the bones and the connective tissue is restored.


Adjusting one’s posture to the shape of an instrument causes strain. Many performers complain of pain and strain from repetitive movements.  I release the strain in your connective tissue that has accumulated from repetitive movement and then teach you how to support your posture so that performing becomes effortless.


A sustainable body is one that is stable, balanced, aligned, and hydrated in the bones, joints, and the connective tissue which then creates proper communication with the nervous system to create health, ease of movement, vitality, buoyancy, and well-being.  Come learn with me how to create a sustainable body.