I create a Sustainable Body through a unique blend of Structural Integration, Zero Balancing, Biotensegrity and Fascial Fitness. The Sustainable Body will enable you to live, work, exercise, age, perform, sit, and stand without pain.

Karen Gabler

Founder, LMT

I developed the Sustainable Body program as a culmination of thirty years in bodywork practice and study. Originally trained as a massage therapist at the New England Institute of Massage (Cambridge, MA), I developed a practice combining Zero Balancing, Structural Integration, and Movement Education. More recently, I became certified in Fascial Fitness, a revolutionary approach for fostering a healthy, resilient fascial system.  Sustainable Body synthesizes concepts from these modalities for a treatment and support program to help people access their true postural core (the Inner Core) and remodel more resilient connective tissue. Sustainable Body helps to optimize overall health and well-being, physical comfort and performance.

Besides providing individual treatment in private practice, I regularly share the Sustainable Body protocol and insight with professionals across a variety of bodywork and medical fields. I have lectured to students in professional massage programs and to physicians and faculty in a hospital setting. I also present at professional conferences.  I offer workshops and training for physical and occupational therapists, massage therapists,  bodywork practitioners, yoga and Pilates teachers, personal trainers, and psychotherapists on an ongoing basis.

Come to my Sustainable Body workshops, Awaken Your Inner Core, in the Boston area.  Contact me to learn more.

I am happy to give Guest Lectures and Practitioner Trainings.