• Living without Pain

    When your energy is flowing freely through your bones and joints, you feel limitless.

Zero Balancing, developed by Dr. Fritz Smith, is a hands-on therapy which works directly with the wisdom of the East—which emphasizes that 1) the body and the mind form a single entity and cannot be treated separately, 2) harmony, balance, and integration are the foundation for good health, and 3) the necessity for inner awareness—and integrates it with Western scientific and medical knowledge through the medium of conscious touch.  Fritz’ work is a bridge between Eastern theories of energy and Western human anatomy.

Taking the Western human anatomy concepts of Zero Balancing which treats the bones, where the deepest energy of the body lies, and the most important joints in the skeleton, I have found that the structural stability and balance experienced through Zero Balancing to be profoundly important to alignment in body and mind.  By balancing the vertical skeleton and the foundation and semi-foundation joints, both structurally and energetically, the body finds its optimal alignment and balance effortlessly.

Taking the foundation of Zero Balancing (the bones) from Fritz Smith, bridging the skeleton with the myofascial meridians of the Deep Front Line from Thomas Myers and the Deep Back Line from Yaron Gal, and bringing the brilliant movement concepts of Judith Aston into the mix, Sustainable Body synthesizes the worlds of bone, fascia, and movement.

In the presence of a master

Fritz Smith, MD