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“The Gabler Sustainable Body is a logically consistent and skillful application of the Anatomy Trains Myofascial Meridian Theory. Karen’s sensitive hands and thorough knowledge combine to make a rich therapeutic and educational experience.”

Thomas Myers
Thomas Myerspractitioner, teacher, author of Anatomy Trains: Myofascial Meridians for Manual and Movement Therapists

“After over 30 years of back and hip pain, in my first 90-minute session Karen saw immediately where my weaknesses and pain were.  She set about lengthening all the muscles and fascia, so my back and hips were not overworking.  For the next three weeks, I felt better than I ever remember feeling before.  As some of the tension crept back, I made a second appointment.  It has now been three months, and I have been pain-free.”

Laura P.48- years-old

“My body was proof of Karen’s methodology every time I hopped off the table.  As a 24-year-old with chronic pain due to loose ligaments, each session with Karen activated new muscles that allowed postural changes she implemented on the table to stick in real life.  Her emphasis on the deep front line and the many tools she has developed to trigger it have altered my posture dramatically, leading me on a path to becoming pain-free.  I came in skeptical that my pain could be resolved at all, let alone by one organizing principle, and I have left her work bewildered.  I owe much of my healing to Karen.  I am eternally grateful!”

Colette P.24-years-old

“I came to Karen with stenosis and bone spurs in my cervical vertebrae.  I was experiencing intense pain in my shoulders, neck, and arms.  My greatest gains began when she introduced the Gabler Alignment Method.  After a lifetime of hunched posture, I am more and more able to hold the kind of posture I associate with dancers.  I can now feel and recognize when I’m “living in the core,” an experience in the body that is linked to language which helps me be aware of what my body is doing.  Also, the pain is gone!”

Bob N.63-years-old

“Medical consultation and physical therapy had done nothing to help me recover after a rotator cuff injury, and a friend recommended Karen.  In one session, I learned a few simple stretches, using my whole core to retrain my shoulder into easy, pain-free movement.  Karen explained the role of fascia and treated my back and shoulders to “unlock” the fascia holding muscles I had been unable to move.  After the remarkable effect of one treatment, I returned for several more.  Not only is my rotator cuff functioning better than ever, I also understand how my moving parts are connected and how to use self-awareness to take care of my body.”

Susan L.53-years-old

“After just one treatment I had great improvement in my cello playing.  The opening and relaxation of my right shoulder made a big difference in the range and effectiveness of my bow arm.  And the extra flexibility in my left hand helped me get around the finger board more easily.  I can’t wait for the next session!”

John B.46-years-old

Karen’s two-hour workshop was one of the most intelligent and common-sense explanations and demonstrations of the cause of pain and dysfunction.  And I gained tools in how to go about feeling better and to make some much needed life-affirming  lifestyle changes…Pure Genius!

MK KinsellaRegistered Nurse, Zero Balancing Practitioner