Gabler Sustainable BodyTM (patent pending) is a revolutionary bodywork and movement approach that realigns the vertical skeleton and the whole connective tissue system simultaneously.   Through a combination of hands-on treatment, body awareness retraining, alignment sequences and Fascial Fitness (the new connective tissue training),  Gabler Sustainable Body helps people of all ages and all levels of fitness, strength, and health reduce pain and discomfort and optimize their body’s physical performance.

Gabler Sustainable Body draws on and synthesizes my study and practice of multiple bodywork approaches over 30 years. These approaches include Zero Balancing, as taught by Dr. Fritz Smith; SOMA, an offshoot of Rolfing/Structural Integration; the understanding of the role of the body’s fascia, as presented by Thomas Myers, author of Anatomy Trains: Myofascial Meridians for Manual and Movement Therapists; and the Aston Patterning approach to posture and movement created by Judith Aston. My approach also reflects wisdom gained from years of an Iyengar yoga practice and my study and certification in Fascial Fitness, a connective tissue training that arose out of the new research on fascia directed by Dr. Robert Schleip.

  • 1

    Releases strain and pain from misalignment of the connective tissue.

  • 2

    Releases strain and pain from misalignment of the bones and joints.

  • 3

    Creates optimal postural alignment using the vertical skeleton as a base of stability and support.

  • 4

    Creates optimal postural alignment using the deepest line of myofascia in the body for stability and support.

  • 5

    Sustains this optimal alignment in everyday activities such as sitting, standing and walking.

  • 6

    Rehydrates the connective tissue through Fascial Fitness.

  • 7

    Teaches how to use the anatomical architecture of the human body easily and efficiently.

  • 8

    Uses anatomical imagery to create dynamic alignment and suppleness.

  • 9

    Uses movement to suspend the joints and sustain alignment in everyday life.

  • 10

    Develops individualized sessions and movement sequences according to the person’s needs.

A Sustained Body

With proper alignment and resilient fascia, physical activities are pain free.