Sustainable Body Workshops are held regularly in the Boston area. Join the mailing list for the latest updates.

If you are interested in hosting a workshop in your area, contact me.

Level I: Awaken Your Inner Core (2.5 hours)

Did you know you have an inner core that runs from your feet to your head designed to keep you balanced and aligned? Come learn where you inner core resides, how to differentiate it from your outer core, and how to activate it so that optimal posture and movement become effortless.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • The latest information on the science of fascia
  • How your body is brilliantly designed to support you and keep you out of pain
  • How to differentiate between your inner and outer core
  • Imagery to help you embody your inner fascial core
  • How to connect to the center of gravity in the human body using breath
  • How to strengthen the signals of communication in the deeper fascial layers of the vertical core 
  • How to perform subtle movements while balancing on a soft foam roller to reset your alignment
  • How to use the inner core in every day life

No prior experience is necessary and all levels of fitness are welcome. Please wear loose clothing. All materials will be provided.

Level II: Sustain Your Inner Core–Practice Makes Progress (2 hours)

Do you want to review the concepts covered in the first Awaken Your Inner Core workshop and put them into practice? Do you want to gain a more solid practice so that you can incorporate the Sustainable Body Method into your life?

This workshop builds upon the Awaken Your Inner Core (Level 1) workshop and focuses specifically on movement and practice. Whether it’s been a while since you’ve first taken the Awaken Your Inner Core workshop and need a refresher, or you’re looking to advance your current practice and take it to the next level, this workshop is part-refresher and part-advancement.

In this workshop we will:

  • Review the Sustainable Body Inner Core Training
  • Build on the Inner Core Training with additional movements
  • Learn how to sit, stand and walk using the Inner Core
  • Take your practice to the next level

Pre-requisite: Must have taken the Awaken Your Inner Core (Level 1) workshop at least once. All levels of fitness welcome. Please wear loose clothing and bring your soft foam roller if you have one. All other materials will be provided.