I offer private, hands-on Sustainable Body sessions at locations in Cambridge and Melrose, MA. Email me  or call me to discuss your particular challenges or issues and make an appointment for a session.

In your introductory two-hour private session, I will take your personal history and assess how well you are using your inner core, which runs from the arches of your feet up to the neck and jaw, for support and balance. Once the assessment is completed, the results determine whether you initially need hands-on work to balance and align the skeleton or the fascial web.  I use Zero Balancing to align and balance the skeleton, and I use Myofascial Release to align and balance the fascial system.  No matter what your issues, both your bones and your fascia will be treated with hands-on work.  The focus of the hands-on work will be to align, activate, and balance your deep inner core.  You will be introduced to the Sustainable Body training which uses simple movement exercises to sustain your body’s inner core support for everyday movement such as sitting, standing, and walking.  In addition, I offer Sustainable Body workshops to give you an opportunity to practice sustaining your alignment and rehydrating your fascia on your own.

Wear comfortable clothing to your session.

After the introductory session, we will confer to determine subsequent session length based on your needs (90 minutes, 75 minutes, or 60 minutes).

I offer discounts on 3-session, 6-session, and 10-session series.

Contact me for rates. I offer a sliding scale for certain individuals with financial limitations.