I teach massage and bodywork practitioners, chiropractors, physical and occupational therapists, and movement educators how to incorporate Sustainable Body concepts into their practice or teaching.  No matter what modality or modalities you practice, the concepts can be easily incorporated into what you already do.  Learning the architecture of the skeleton and its relationship with the fascial system enhances your assessment, hands-on placements, and verbal cues when teaching or guiding clients and students into optimal alignment within the fascial system.

Email me about scheduled practitioner workshops or to arrange a training at your site.

I have developed a one-day practitioner workshop called  “Fascia: Organ of Communication

In this workshop, practitioners learn about the new research on fascia and the implications for massage therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, Structural Integrators, and Zero Balancers.  In addition, practitioners learn about the functional anatomy of Tom Myers’ Deep Front Line and its implications for alignment and stability, use in breathing and walking, and how to use it effectively in everyday activities to prevent pain, strain, and injury.    In addition, participants learn about the intimate connections between the neurological and fascial systems, how to use movement and anatomical imagery to guide clients/students into more optimal alignment within the fascial system.