Book Launch A Success!

On June 15, over 70 people showed up at my book launch!  Thanks to all of you for celebrating with me.  It was a joy to see everyone, autograph books, and toast to the birth of my book.

I just did an interview for a podcast on self-care for back pain today and it was fun to think I was being interviewed by a man in Sweden who saw my book on Amazon.

I received an email from a woman in California who had purchased my book in a small, independent bookstore in the town where Google headquarters resides.  She read my Introduction and said she had to talk to the author.  We had a wonderful conversation over the phone about my book and about things she could do for her debilitating back pain.

I am realizing that by writing a book, I  can now reach many more people.  That is scary and exciting all at the same time.  Get ready to spread the word!