Antidote for Election Stress

The campaign for President of the US, the election, and its aftermath have created stress, anxiety, and fear.  Because the future is unknown, stress is accumulating in our bodies. It is important to take care of ourselves in this challenging time.  Paying attention to how we are breathing in and out may be the most important way to de-stress.  Using the Wave Breath to nourish and cleanse our internal world may be the perfect antidote to the chaos of the outer world.

The Wave Breath

  1. Lie down on the floor or on a 36″ soft foam roller with knees bent, feet hips’ width apart. Press your feet gently into the floor to lift up the pelvis, then scoop the low back toward your feet. Place your hands behind your neck and scoop the neck away from your shoulders.  Place a folded towel under your head to keep your neck aligned.
  2. Imagine you are at the ocean watching the waves come in and go out. Soften your belly.
  3. Take a soft, slow deep inhalation through the nose. Begin the inhalation deep in the belly.  Imagine your breath is a wave arising out of the ocean of your belly. Watch the wave flow up into the collar bones, or the shore of your chest.
  4. Then exhale through the nose, softly, slowly, deeply.  Watch the breath like a wave go back into the ocean of your belly. Pause. Begin the breath again deep in the ocean of your belly. Breath arises out of the ocean of your belly and flows onto the shore of your chest, never forcing or pushing.  (Notice if you are using jaw, neck or shoulder muscles to bring the inhalation up into the shore of your chest.  If you are, release these muscles; they are not breathing muscles.  Relax them.)
  5. Inhale and exhale softly, slowly and deeply through the nose.  Match your breath to the rhythm of ocean waves.
  6. Feel the stress melt out of your body.