Ducks Know How to Connect to the Core

Witnessing Nature in its infinite wisdom reminds me that all beings possess an innate connection to the Core.

The other day, I was watching a PBS Nature special about 125 species of ducks and was struck by the fact that ducks know exactly what to do at birth. One species of ducks nests high up in trees next to bodies of water. At birth, ducklings follow their mother and plummet forty feet below into the water to feed. There is no anxiety, no fear; no ducklings refuse to jump. Their Nature tells them they are deeply and utterly supported by their inner structure (Core), and so they never doubt their stability.

Ducks also innately know in which direction to fly. Without needing to learn from others, they know which way to fly using the magnetic pulls of the Earth.  They never worry about getting lost, flying in the wrong direction, or needing to pull up Google Maps. The connections they possess to their Core and to the planet’s Core guide them effortlessly.

Ducks automatically know their Core.  They never lose it.  We, as humans, lose connection with this innate knowing.  And we lose our way.  We lose our connection to our Core.

I believe that by reconnecting with our true myofascial core–The Deep Front Line and the Deep Back Line–we, like the duck, can follow our true magnetic North.

When we live in the seamless NeuroFascial Core, we know exactly what to do.